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Reverence or Reward?

Christmas and New Year festivities are long over but I hope you are still feeling refreshed and well rested from those holidays, looking forward with excitement and optimism to all that 2019 will offer.

The days are already drawing out, snowdrops have appeared very early and Christians turn their thoughts from Candelmas (the end of the Christmas season) on 2nd February, to Lent, that special time of preparation when we want our hearts and minds to be ready to walk spiritually with Jesus through the trials of Holy Week and then to rejoice in His resurrection on Easter Day.

Sadly hot cross buns and Easter eggs were already on sale before the end of last year, in some shops even before Christmas Day, as though the Christian significance of these treats has been lost in the drive to be first and to make the most money. Our sacred church seasons have been intermingled in the secular market as though our country is no longer Christian. Food and financial gain have taken over from reverence and worship of God.

Perhaps we should step up and change this trend; be first to respect and cherish the special times of the church year and put Jesus first as we travel through our lives together.