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Time to Celebrate!

The recently remembered First World War was meant to be the war to end all wars. Sadly this is not the case; we live in a very unsettled world.

It was into a similarly unsettled situation that a special baby was born two thousand years ago, a time of Roman occupation in Israel when extremist groups would constantly rebel with guerrilla-style attacks, as they struggled to gain freedom for their own country.

Into this ‘boiling pot’ all those years ago God sent his only Son, Jesus Christ and the Prince of Peace was born. Jesus is also known as Emmanuel which means ‘God with us’ so God wanted to be with us, even in the midst of the violence and chaos humankind brought upon themselves. His love for us was, and still is, so great.

God chose to send Jesus at that time of intense suffering to show this tremendous love for us, and even though we still constantly choose to ignore Him and behave badly, He is still with us and always will be, especially at times of pain and difficulty. Jesus came to bring light into our darkness; He is real today and will never leave us.

This is a great reason to celebrate and rejoice, so do please join us at any of our advertised Christmas Church events and learn something more of the loving, ever-present God who reached out to our fallen race 2000 years ago through a fragile human baby, to give us reason for hope, peace and joy.

Happy Christmas!

A date for your new calendar is 26th January - the next Messy Church in Loppington Village Hall, 3.30-5.30pm with a cooked meal. Everyone welcome!