Newtown Church

King Charles the Martyr - Newtown

The parish church of King Charles the Martyr is in the small hamlet of Newtown, to the west of Wem. It was originally dedicated in 1665 (five years after the Restoration of the Monarchy) and is one of only six English Churches dedicated to Charles Stuart. The present building dates from 1868, and we are a welcoming, relaxed church seeking to minister to all ages. We have strong links with our local (C of E) Primary School and are seeking to serve the wider village community. The church is open each Wednesday afternoon for anyone to call in for a coffee, a quiet prayer or a chat with one of the pastoral team.


We welcome you all to our services that are held at the following times:

1st Sunday
2nd Sunday
3rd Sunday
4th Sunday

10.00am All Age Worship
11.15am Holy Communion
No service. Please join another church in our Group
11.15am Holy Communion

On the 5th Sunday we seek to affirm our unity as a group by holding a special united service:

5th Sunday

10.30am Group Communion Service (one service in each parish church by turn)


Newtown church is a lovely venue for your wedding, and a wonderful setting to affirm your love for each other before God and your family and friends. The Church building is beautiful and can seat about 120 people, has a lovely pipe organ and an unusual Carillion of 6 bells.

Legally, you can be married in Myddle if you:

Live in the Parish
If you are on the church Electoral Roll
If you, your parents or grandparents can show a connection with the Church i.e. regularly worshipped in the past or were Baptised, Confirmed or Married at Newtown.

If you would like to know more, please contact: Rev. Adam Clayton on 01939 291390.


If you live in a different parish, then you should first get the permission of your own Vicar in your home parish. There is no charge for Baptisms, but there will be a collection during the service, and we hope that you and your family will support the on-going work of the church here by your gifts of thanksgiving.

If you would like to know more, please contact: Rev. Adam Clayton on 01939 291390 .